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Fixing PageSpeed Insight Issues


I was working on Google PageSpeed Insights test to get 100/100 on both mobile and desktop. Why I need it? Because Google added page load times to its ranking system. Why Google add PageSpeed Insights test to ranking? Here is why: 99 / 100Google PageSpeed Insights Suggestions Summary: Consider Fixing: Leverage browser caching Setting an expiry date or a maximum …

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Install ffmpeg on Ubuntu 14.04

Ffmpeg Logo

FFMPEG split into two separate branches in 2011. The new branch is called LIBAV and executes using “avconv” instead of “ffmpeg.” Both are still actively developed and FFMPEG frequently incorporates LIBAV features. Debian & Ubuntu users probably have LIBAV installed. I was compiled FFmpeg on Ubuntu using this this guide , but was getting an errors. Then I used those …

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Best way to spend $511 – Solowheel (Airwheel)

Solowheel (Airwheel)

I want it! Yea, I need more walk, but I still want it. It’s a self-balancing unicycle that you can ride up to $15 miles on a battery charge with a speed up to 15mph, then carry in on your hands. Manufactured by . There is a bunch of variations on Amazon,

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Mac Commands

Mac OS X Terminal

I just listed my most used and most useful search-related shell commands and . Sure thing, the Apple has a full guide for Mac Commands , but that is just too much, and probobly not just for me, because a guys from made a wonderfull Index of the Apple OS X command line: alias Create an alias alloc List …

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Search command in terminals -lha

Search E1424886936694

My most used and most useful search-related shell commands. There is a great source for a search commands I’ve vound in the tutorial Linux Command Shell For Beginners grep -R ‘your file content’ * find / -name ‘php.ini’ 2> /dev/null find . -name ‘*.zip’ | open -f -a TextEdit find . -name ‘*wp-clone*.zip’ | open -f -a TextEdit find . …

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Epic Naturist Cinematic


Almost 2 hours of Epicness with Naturist Cinematic. Look into the world of Naturism through High-Definition footage and Epic Style Music! Naturism is the lifestyle in harmony with nature, that expressed through the social nudity. Nudity is one of the simplest human rights. We are all born and die with nothing but our naked bodies carried proudly throughout our lifetimes. …

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Rsync Over SSH On Different Port

Rsync E1412013787754

Use a different ssh port when using rsync In this example, I am going to backup /home/dev/ directory to the server called at TCP port number 5000, enter:   rsync -av -e ‘ssh -p 5000’ /home/dev Rsync transfer files over SSH on different port use this comand: $ rsync -av file1 dir1/ Minimizes network data transfer by using …

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Batch Files Rename Terminal Command


Collection of Terminal Command for batch renaming files by replacing unwonted characters as well as scripts that will find and replace using grep. Most Useful Terminal Commands for Mac OS X lsof is a command meaning “list open files” To replace files like this: IMG_1234.JPG IMG_1235.JPG IMG_1236.JPG To something like this: london_1234.JPG london_1235.JPG london_1236.JPG To perform a batch rename, the basic …

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Most Useful Terminal Commands for Mac OS X

Compact list of Terminal commands that I found most useful and would like to keep in one place for easy access. The shell is the best tool for almost everything, but only if you can type the right command into terminal shell quickly, without searching the right command every time when you need anything. List of Terminal Commands 200 Terminal …

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How to Turn web pages into graph objects and become a rich object in a social graph.

6172752831 F6196bc342 Z

This is about open graph meta tags. The Open Graph protocol   Introduction The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook. While many different technologies and schemas exist …

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Fix App Store – remove /Applications/Utilities/ folder

Fix App Store By Removing Cache Files

To fix App Store Delete corrupted files AND Remove the cache for the App Store. App Store cache files located in /Applications/Utilities/ folder. App Store will be recreated all the cache files when the App will run again. To open /Applications/Utilities/ folder run the following command (copy and paste it in open $TMPDIR../C/ This will open a directory …

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Get Image Dimensions in Mac OS X

London — Bash — 88×48

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Cleaning Mac from "dot-files"- .DS_Store, .Trash, and ._resources files

Screen Shot 2014 03 09 At 3.59.38 PM

One of the way to fix permission issues when you getting a message like ““The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “Work-folder” can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)” is delete hidden files generated by OS X system. Using dot_clean Utility It was wile since I my post Speed-up your Mac Quick and Easy. Now you …

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lsof is a command meaning "list open files"


lsof is a command meaning “list open files”, which is used to report a list of all open files and the processes that opened them. lsof is a most powerful tool to get information about devices on your system, what a given user is touching at any given point, or even what files or network connectivity a process is using. …

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Launch an app on OS X with command line


Using vmrun to Control Virtual Machines I was need to run a few virtual machine on mac mini server, but after update, all I could after establishing VNC connection, was a black screen. You can open an application on OS X using open -n /Applications/ command on your terminal. I was able to open a VMware Fusion by running this …

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Using vmrun to Control Virtual Machines


  Using vmrun to Control Virtual Machines   VMware Workstation 7.0 VMware Fusion 3.0 VMware vSphere 4 VMware Server 2.0 This document supports the version of each product listed and supports all subsequent versions until the document is replaced by a new edition. To check for more recent editions of this document, see EN-000222-2 Using vmrun to Control Virtual Machines …

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Service to count characters, words and paragraphs on Mac OS X

Count Characters In Selection1

For some reason (or without any) the Mac OS X system doesn’t come with any service to count the number of characters in a selected text. However, there is an Automator that can fix almost anything, even it’s become a complicated with “200+ New Features” that Apple adding an additional to usual bugs. 1. Launch Automator and create a new …

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Wget "-O" rename recursive name build download

The man wget says: 3 Recursive Download GNU Wget is capable of traversing parts of the Web (or a single http or ftp server), following links and directory structure. We refer to this as to recursive retrieval, or recursion. With http urls, Wget retrieves and parses the html or css from the given url, retrieving the files the document refers to, through markup like href or src, or css uri values specified using the ‘url()’ functional notation. If the …

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Examples of using wildcard characters

A Nondeterministic Finite Automaton NFA Used As A Construction Block For Thompson S Construction Algorithm Converting A Regular Kleene Star Expression Into A NFA.

Defining files with wildcard characters Wildcard characters can be used to represent many other characters. Use them whenever you need to define a string of characters, such as a filename, for use with a command. A wildcard character can be used to substitute for any other character or characters in a string Useful wildcards are: * matches any characters ? …

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How to list the files in a directory with the "ls" command

ls [option] directory_name ls: command options -a list hidden files -d list the name of the current directory -F show directories with a trailing ‘/‘ executable files with a trailing ‘*‘ -g show group ownership of file in long listing -i print the inode number of each file -l long listing giving details about files and directories -R list all …

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